Frequently Asked Questions


Why are you charging artists?!

To start with we’re not a gallery or dealers, we are a group of artists and art professional feminists organizing an annual event dedicated to support women artists.

Our aim is to get every single artist participating at this event sponsored but we couldn't find enough philanthropists to support our cause at this time, the only way to allow us make this happen is asking you to contribute towards the relatively enormous expenses it takes to organize such an event.

We now have a patron who is generously and kindly contributing half the fees to all the participants!

We offer everyone a fair chance, sponsor can only choose the artwork they wish to support without knowing the artist’s name not influenced by anything else but their emotions towards your creation.

Our strategy is to take your art to the discerning art lovers to capture their attention when it’s always a challenge to do that in a big art fair with hundreds of works to distract and large galleries to stand up to, we found this the most effective and economical way that should give much better results, it’s all about your art now!

So what does it cost to exhibit on my own?

You don't need to, the fees are two thousand Euro but with our patron you pay half which will include the 1.5x2 meters space, vernissage, printed edition of the exhibition catalogue, promoting you with mentions in major art publications and social media for the months leading up to the event.

You can also opt to exhibit an artwork up to or circa 1x1 meter of a display easel the normal fee is one thousand Euro again you can book it for half.

What does the patron expects in return?

The patron is not expecting anything in return, it's a philanthropy gesture to support and give female artists who are serious about their career a helping hand and the opportunity they're looking for..

The patron is an avid art collector we suggest as a show of appreciation to offer a small work or anything else you deem appropriate it's not conditional you're not obliged to give anything in return.

What happens if you cancel the event?

In case the event is canceled or there is a change that is not agreeable with the Artist, we will refund any amount paid within seven days without exception, please read our Consignment Agreement to learn more.

What about the artwork shipping charges?

You are responsible for sending them, they need to arrive at the Gstaad Huus Hotel between Feb 26-27 2020, in case it's not sold we will ship it back at your expense in case sold we are responsible to ship it to buyer.  We will use the same packing it comes in with, please make sure we can re-use it, hopefully we won't have to send it back and use it to ship to buyer.

What is the median prices?

The prices for the smaller works start at €3000 we have artwork close to €30.000 so far to go on exhibit, this is an opportunity to set set new market price benchmark for your work if you can justify it.

What other expenses can I expect if I’m sponsored?

Artwork shipping, you’re responsible to ship them over to get there two days before the exhibition on Feb 26th-27th 2020 at Gstaad Huus Hotel and in case it’s not sold we will be responsible for to get them back at your expense.

Would that influence your choice of quality art?

Our goal is to dazzle our target audience and surpass their expectations, we have set criteria to assess the work that can deliver this which combines the quality of the work as well as the artist’s vision and commitment.

Do you take commission on sales?

Yes, twenty percent you get to receive eighty percent of the sale, we'll transfer it to you within three days of clearing the funds.

What artists meet your criteria?

The initiative is to give talented emerging female career artists who are not yet represented in a major gallery a break. We like to give the opportunity primarily to committed emerging career artists who has been creating and evolving through her career thriving to produce higher quality work and expanding her vision.

How many works can I send?

The space allocated for each artist is approx. H 2 x W 1.5 meters you can choose to exhibit one large work or a couple smaller ones on wall to fit the space allow some breathing space.

We also offer easel display space to showcase artwork up to 100 x 100 cm.

Do I need to be there?

You’re of course most welcome and it’s always a good idea to be at your own show, however, this is a collective exhibition and Gstaad at this time of the year is quite expensive we’re happy to represent you in the best professional manner, we have your interest at heart and we are adamant to make it work for you, you and your work are in good hands!

Huus Gstaad Hotel is offering us a special rate for the artists, please inquire with us on it.

When is the deadline to apply?

We intend to wrap the participants list by latest end of September 2019 it's on a first come basis and we have very limited available space.

How many artists will be exhibiting?

With the generous space we’re allocating and the hall space we expect to have thirty to thirty eight artists in total.

Why are you supporting WFWI?

Since 1993, Women for Women International has helped more than 478,000 marginalized women in countries affected by war and conflict. They serve women in 8 countries offering support, tools, and access to life-changing skills to move from crisis and poverty to stability and economic self-sufficiency.

They believe strong women build strong nations, we do too! Read more about them here.

We do this initiative in partnership with The Happy Few Ladies Networking Club who has been actively raising funds to this organization for many years.

Do you support a charity or a mission that empowers women? Let us know we would be happy to give a hand.

Did you already apply and wish to book or do you have other questions, please